Historic Gravenhurst Albion Hotel getting heritage plaque

The Albion Hotel is getting a heritage plaque.

The public is invited to meet with Town Councillors at the Hotel, located at 100 Muskoka Rd N, Gravenhurst on Saturday October 1st, at 6pm, as the historic landmark is recognised.

The ceremony will follow the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario’s General Meeting, which chose the Albion for this year’s meeting backdrop. Archivist Judy Humphries will be on hand to conduct a history of the Gravenhurst Albion Hotel starting at 5:00 p.m.

“It has been an exciting journey so far and we’re at a point where everyone is thrilled to see what has become of the Albion Hotel,” said Hank Smith, Chair of the Gravenhurst Municipal Heritage Committee. “The unveiling of the official bronze plaque will be the final step in recognizing this important heritage building in our downtown.”

Guy Gagnon, the hotel’s current owner, refurbished the exterior or the building in 2013, these renovations helped to secure a Built Heritage Award from the Municipal Heritage Committee.

Under the Ontario Heritage Act, the Albion Hotel was named a heritage site in 1983, giving it designation as a building of Cultural Interest. The hotel, which was constructed in 1888, replaced the original Albion that burned in the Great Fire of 1887. The Albion was constructed in the Gothic Revival period and is one of the few remaining examples in Muskoka of Century Hotel architecture. Special features of the building include the double window dormers, decorative rounded brick arches over the windows with wooden carved inserts which are all well preserved to this day. The structure was an important part of life during the lumber and steam eras.

Today the Albion is home to ‘The Arts at the Albion’ which moved into the Hotel in 2013 and occupies the area which was originally the kitchen and dining hall.

The building also contains a number of apartment units, David Dawson’s studio and the Albion Tavern.