Husky rescued from extremely hot car

A Scarborough man has been charged after he left his Husky in a car on Huntsville’s Main Street.

At about 4:15pm on Sunday, police were made aware that the pet had been left in a car on Main St. E. and when officers arrived, they found a group of girls around a black Hyundai concerned for the dog inside.

Police say the rear window was down a few inches, but none of the other windows were down. The Husky named ‘ACE’ appeared to be in stress.


The officers managed to unlock the back door and get the dog out. The temperature outside on Sunday was about 30 degrees Celsius, the inside of the vehicle was reportedly extremely hot.

The dog became ill once taken out of the vehicle; he was taken to nearby store, given water and although his condition was not good initially, had improved once inside.

As a result of the investigation the owner 27 year-old Amir KHOJASTE-GALESHKUALE, of Scarborough ON was charged with Cause Damage or Injury to an Animal under the Criminal Code of Canada.

He will appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Huntsville on July 27, 2016 to answer to his charges.

Huntsville OPP would like to remind everyone that leaving any animal in a vehicle for a short time in the heat can lead to illness or even death of your pet. If you are traveling, take the steps to keep your animals safe on hot days.