Join award winning photographer Spencer Wynn this week on Astro Photography shoot

by Matt Sitler

Interested in astro photography but don’t know where to start?

Award winning photographer, Spencer Wynn, known for his stunning images of Muskoka is headed to Huntsville this week.

He is holding a free night shooting location workshop Thursday night – late! Wynn typically is shooting at 2am on clear, starry nights.

This Thursday night is your chance to turn your gaze to the stars and capture your own beautiful night sky images.

Wynn will be at the Dwight Beach dock at 2am. You will have a chance to shoot the sky as it is reflected on the Lake of Bays before moving to another locations nearby. Wynn will help you set up, suggest camera settings and get you started in shooting images such as the one pictured here.

NOTE: You will need a sturdy tripod as your exposures will be long. A working knowledge of your camera is expected, you will be exploring long exposure settings and lens choices. The faster and wider the lens you have, the better your results will be. Bring extra batteries and memory cards.

For any questions, Spencer can be reached at

You can also see his Muskoka work at:

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