Nishikawa to fight defamation charges by fellow councillor Brent

Lawyers for Nishikawa file intent to defend Brent allegations

Published September 17, 2pm: Lawyers representing Muskoka Lakes Councillor Ruth-Ellen Nishikawa have filed a Notice of Intent to Defend allegations she defamed a fellow Councillor.

A statement of defense is expected to follow from law firm Paterson MacDougall in Toronto in the next few days as the Notice was filed September 4 (under the Rules of Civil Procedure, a Notice of Intent normally provides the defence another ten days to file and serve a statement of defence).

The Notice is in response to a claim made against Nishikawa by Ron Brent, also a Muskoka Lakes Councillor, filed August 12th in which he alleges she defamed him by:

a) accusing him of disclosed Closed Session information of Council; and,

b) by questioning a potential conflict of interest. The allegations were made in connection with an email regarding the Bala Falls controversy. See Related Articles for more information.

Brent’s Statement of Claim states Nishikawa was originally given an opportunity to retract and apologize for her comments. The Intent to Defend suggests a day in court could be on the horizon for the two Councillors, who are also candidates in the 2014 municipal election.

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