New swim access dock being discussed for Bracebridge’s Kelvin Grove Park

A new floating dock for swimming access could be built at Kelvin Grove Park in Bracebridge Bay to the tune of $40,000.

Bracebridge’s General Committee will look at preferred Option #2 this week – it’s for a floating t-dock that would extend into the Muskoka River and be connected to the Kelvin Grove Park Wharf by a ramp. (See diagram)

A report issued to councillors states that river currents in that area can be strong after heavy summer rain storm events and that weaker swimmers may face difficulties swimming back to the dock.

According to the report, swim buoys would need to be installed around the swimming area so that swimmers, if caught in current, would have a safety line to stop them from floating 75 metres to the Muskoka Rowing Club

Dock to exit the water. Option #2 was identified in a Staff Report to be selected as the preferred alternative for swimming access at the location.

*’Keep Out’ buoys are also recommended as part of the plan for Option #2 to indicate to boaters that the area is closed to navigation.

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