New Chief and Council for Wahta Mohawk Territory

Elections Officer confirms results: new Chief and three new Council members elected

Posted March 15, 10.20pm: After two-and-a-half years without one, there will be a new Chief of Wahta Mohawk Territory: Philip Angus Franks. He was elected Chief in today’s elections.

Elections Officer Veronica McLeod has confirmed the reports posted earlier on Muskoka News Watch of the new council for Wahta.

Philip Angus Franks is the new Chief with 154 votes, defeating his opponent Tim Thompson.

Elected to Council are:

  • Karen Commandant with 156 votes
  • Michael Decaire with 151 votes
  • Teresa Greasley with 146 votes and;
  • Stuart Lane with 114 votes

Three incumbent members of Council – Shirley Hay, Bill Hay and Dan Stock — were unsuccessful in their attempt at re-election.

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6 thoughts on “New Chief and Council for Wahta Mohawk Territory”

  1. It’s great to see a democratic process work in all communities no matter what its size. With a full slate now decisions can be made for the benefit of all with no hidden agenda.

  2. Councillor DeCaire was questioned about signing a paper stating that a referendum. Had been passed when it had not. His. Reply was that he signed lots of papers. (apparently without looking).
    Ex chief commandant signed papers with council stating a referendum had ben passed when there was never one held.
    Councillor commandant sued the band before. Losing and costing community over $100,000 in legal fees.
    The last legal battle cost over $500,000 dollars that could have been used towards education.
    At no point would any of the people with the complaints come to council meeting and air the complaint so it could be dealt with.
    Now Karen commandant has made herself full time councillor with a salary of $300.00 /day

    1. Once again the council of wahta has showed what they are about. They have a “community picnic” that only certain members are invited to.
      They say they signed their own “oath of office” then.
      This is a gang not a government.
      Apparently these people would like to leave wahta and start somewhere else.
      Well, most of us wish they would.
      Perhaps Blaine commandant would show them the way

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