MP Clement: $320K in funding to stimulate Muskoka growth

John Miller, Tony Clement and Blair McMurchy

Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement announces $320K to drive economic growth in Muskoka:


Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement says new federal money will support youth employment, innovation and strategic planning in Muskoka, while strengthening the region’s tourism industry. At the Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre in Gravenhurst today he told a group of about 60  politicians and community builders that the government was injecting $320,000 into the Muskoka economy.

“Today’s announcement further demonstrates our Government’s commitment to build a strong economic foundation for the people, businesses and communities in the Parry Sound–Muskoka region,” says Clement. “By investing in strategic initiatives that create youth employment, enhance tourism, and stimulate growth, the Harper Government is fuelling the regional economy and positioning the area for sustainable, long-term prosperity.”

Featured photo by Norah Fountain: John Miller, General Manager of the Muskoka Steamships and Historical Society, MP Tony Clement and Blair McMurchy, past-president, Society Board of Directors today at Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre

It was music to the ears of the hosts of today’s announcement: The Muskoka Steamship and Historical Society will benefit from directly from the announcement with money to study the feasibility of expanding the Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre. It is also kicking in $17,500 to the effort. The society is looking at a proposed 15,000 square foot, family-focused Discover Centre with a focus on the theme of WATER — one of the most essential resources to Muskoka and Canada. That expansion would occur in the lots by the docks to the east of the Grace and Speed Boathouse.

As well as the $78,750 to the society, other corners of Muskoka will benefit from today’s announcement as well:

  • $155,000 to the Town of Bracebridge in FedNor funding to launch a tourism branding strategy, install new signage and other marketing activities.
  • $47,500 to Explorers’ Edge/Regional Tourism Organization (RTO) 12 to help maximize the tourism potential of the Muskoka region with the money earmarked specifically for the Gold Muskoka and Resorts of North Muskoka programs.
  • $38,740 to the Township of Muskoka Lakes for a youth intern to support the township’s economic development strategy.

Clement also hinted that there may be another funding announcement coming soon connected to the Muskoka Airport.

More details on these investments:

Town of Bracebridge:  $155,000

To help capitalize on the worldwide trend of experiential tourism, the Town of Bracebridge will receive $155,000 in FedNor funding to implement a tourism branding strategy, install new signage and conduct a variety of marketing activities. The investment will also enable the municipality to hire a youth intern for a two-year period to help realize the project. Experiential tourism is an alternative form of tourism in

Tony Clement announces $320K
Some recipients of FedNor funding announcement by Tony Clement November 28 at Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre

which destinations are chosen not on their standard touristic merit but on the basis of an idea or experience. It encompasses a variety of tourism and traveler categories, including: cultural tourism, ecotourism, educational travel, experimental tourism, heritage tourism and nature tourism.

Muskoka Steamship and Historical Society: $78,750

A FedNor investment of $78,750 will assist the Muskoka Steamship and Historical Society in developing a strategy for a major expansion of the Muskoka Boat & Heritage Centre. The strategy will include a business analysis, marketing and communications plan, attendance and revenue projections, sustainability research, program concepts, as well as site plans and architectural designs for the expansion of the facility.

Explorers’ Edge, RTO 12: $47,500                                                                    

To help maximize the tourism potential of the Muskoka region, RTO 12 will receive FedNor funding totalling $47,500 for two projects in support of Golf Muskoka and Resorts of North Muskoka. Specifically, the funding will provide training opportunities to help tourism operators identify and adopt new technologies and industry best practices, support social media and strategic planning efforts, as well as establish experience-based tourism packages to help strengthen this important sector of the local economy.

Township of Muskoka Lakes: $38,750                                                                      

FedNor funding of $38,740 will enable the Township of Muskoka Lakes to hire a youth intern for a one-year period to support the implementation of the community’s economic development strategy. Specifically, the intern will develop a communications plan, implement an investment attraction strategy, support the community’s wellness initiative, and create a marketing and promotional strategy that will further position the township as open for business.


Published November 28, 3pm

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