Bush fire on Luckey Road caused by campfire during ban

The Muskoka Lakes Fire Department was called yet again this week to respond to a bush fire, this time on Luckey Road.

Upon arrival today, firefighters had to traverse rough terrain to reach a peninsula on a small lake.

Once at the fire, crews were quick to bring the flames under control.

Firefighters say it was evident the area had been used as a campsite as there were remnants of a campfire there.

It is unknown when this campfire was used last, but the department says it was clearly the source of the fire.

All residents and visitors to the district are reminded that during these extreme conditions there is a complete burning ban. This ban is throughout the whole of Muskoka.

What this means is that there are no fires permitted at any time, no fireworks permitted, no outdoor open flames permitted.

The likelihood of fire spread is extremely likely now as noted by this recent fire.

The Muskoka Lakes Fire Department is taking a zero tolerance approach to offences.

Offenders will be subject to a fine of up to $300.00 and/or a fee for service ($125/hour for each apparatus + firefighter wages), and/or summons to appear in court.

Picture courtesy of Ron Brent.

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