Gravenhurst bridge replacement pegged at $1.1 million

Gravenhurst’s Pine Creek Bridge is being replaced and it’s going to cost at least $1.1 million to do it.

The proposed construction contract goes before the District’s Engineering and Public Works Committee for approval today.

The bridge is located on Muskoka Road 169, 7km northwest of the town and it’s being recommended that the replacement contract be awarded to Coon Brothers Sand and Gravel in the amount of $861,647.00 excluding GST.

District staff say that beyond the construction cost, another $225,114 in project costs and $13,239 for consulting will be needed, bringing the total to $1.1 million, to be paid for out of the District’s Roads Capital Reserve fund.

A 2013 bi-annual bridge inspection revealed its T-beam and deck soffit showed extensive spalling, which was causing the steel reinforcement to become exposed and rusted. The original centre span bridge was also found to be in poor condition with no waterproofing on the entire bridge deck. Water is leaking through the joints between the original bridge and the two widenings, causing continual deterioration of the beams.

It was concluded it would be most cost effective to replace the bridge. Temporary lane restrictions to replace it would also be less disruptive to traffic than a closure for rehabilitation followed by a future closure in 10-15 years for an eventual replacement.

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