Update: Fire rating high in Muskoka; fireworks ban in Muskoka Lakes

Muskoka firefighters

Update July 1: Due to the continuing dry weather and despite rain today, a fireworks ban is in place in the Township of Muskoka Lakes. The ban does NOT affect Bracebridge and weather permitting, fireworks are expected to go ahead as part of Canada Day celebrations there tonight.

June 24. 2016: Due to the recent dry weather, the fire rating has now been set at High in Muskoka. At this rating, all people having open flame fires at night must be extremely diligent to ensure all fires are maintained within the set limits. It also means a ban on all fireworks in the Township of Muskoka Lakes while the rating is at High.

According to the Muskoka Lakes fire department, any fires must be continuously supervised with a source of extinguishment on-hand; and they must follow the By-Law regulations regarding no fires when the wind speed is over 16 km/h (10 mph) which can be found by going to Environment Canada’s website. Fires can only start two hours before sunset and must be totally extinguished two hours after sunrise. Officials also say fires need to be located at least 6 meters (20 feet) from any building, structure, hedge, fence, road overhead wire or overhead obstruction of any kind.

Daytime burning is only permitted with those who currently have a permit; however during High and Extreme ratings, no new permits will be issued.

Ban on Fireworks could affect Canada Day

Lastly, while the fire rating is at High and Extreme there is a TOTAL BAN on Fireworks within the Township of Muskoka Lakes. Ignoring the ban can result in a summons.

Unfortunately, if the rating does not lower over the course of next week – this will have to include the Canada Day Weekend Celebrations.

Should the FIRE RATING be upgraded to EXTREME, there will be a total ban on all open fires (as well as fireworks). 

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