Clement announces bid for Federal PC leadership

It’s official.

Member of Parliament for Parry Sound-Muskoka Tony Clement, along with his wife Lynne and a packed room of energized supporters, launched his leadership campaign for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada this evening in Mississauga.

Clement made the announcement in a strategic suburban riding, underscoring his commitment and plan to win back the trust of voters across the country, including suburban families, newcomers and younger Canadians.

“I am running on my experienced record as an economic, common-sense conservative that will focus on the pocketbook issues that Canadians care most about,” said Clement. “On day one in office, I pledge to end Justin Trudeau’s war on taxpayers and job creators.”

Clement, an immigrant to Canada as a young man, a husband and father of three children, former small business owner, an experienced and tested political leader elected in suburban and rural constituencies, launched his campaign plan with a focus on empowering the party and country to succeed.

“I am your leader who will empower our diverse membership, our caucus, the next generation, and all Canadians to realize their God given potential and succeed,” said Clement.

Clement also touted his commitment to upholding conservative values at home and abroad. As a fiscally responsible legislator, he contrasted his record of saving taxpayers over $10B per year – enabling tax reduction and a balanced budget – with the Liberal record of higher taxes and run-away deficits.

On the world stage, Clement highlighted his record of standing-up for oppressed religious and ethnic minorities, and the promotion of freedom, human rights, justice and democracy. Clement reiterated his unrelenting commitment to empowering the forces of good over evil, and his determination to not sit on the sidelines in the fight against terror.

“I am the leader with a plan to expand our electoral coalition from big cities to small towns, and unite all Canadians behind a common-sense economic program that will deliver victory in 2019,” concluded Clement.

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