Charges laid regarding abandoned boat found on Lake Muskoka last month

Was boat purposely scuttled? Bracebridge man facing charges 

Posted Nov. 10, 1:30pm: A Bracebridge man has been charged a month after a boat was found partially sunk near Baxter Island on Lake Muskoka. Members of the Bracebridge Detachment of the OPP marine unit, with help from Pride of Muskoka Marine, recovered the boat on October 8. A search began for the boat’s owner.

As a result of information received from the public, police now say they’ve identified the owner and have subsequently charged Gordon Atkinson of Bracebridge with several offences under the Canada Shipping Act, including:

  • Permitting leakage of fuel within or from a vessel
  • Defacing Hull Serial Number
  • Defacing License Number on Pleasure Craft

The police would like to remind everyone to practice safe boating and the importance of reporting any abandoned, sunk or damaged vessels to the appropriate authority as required by Federal Marine Regulations.

Original Article October 9: Abandoned boat found on Lake Muskoka may have been set adrift


2 thoughts on “Charges laid regarding abandoned boat found on Lake Muskoka last month”

  1. Not an ignorant question. In fact, I pondered the same thing and asked a local boat expert. Firstly, please note that this person is a suspect so anything we speculate (and yes, it’s speculation) here is in relation to an alleged offence and is just to simply answer “Why would someone do that?”. It also opens the door to something I’ve noticed recently which I think is good for all boat owners to know. First, the possible answer to your question:

    1) Why? Some people don’t know what to do with their old boats. Look around and you’ll see a lot of used boats for sale. Someone might allegedly scuttle a boat because they don’t have a trailer, don’t want to pay dump fees — simply don’t know what to do with a problem and they want it to disappear. That’s in NO way to suggest that might have happened in this case. So the second answer would be, “Who knows why someone would do that?”. No one can speculate on a person’s alleged actions.

    By the way, for buying any fibreglass boat, I generally recommend Bala’s Steve Davidson of Pride Marine. I also like the people at Walker’s Point Marina and I don’t want to play favourites — I’ve met lots of great boat sales people out there — it’s just that I know the ones nearest me best. When it comes to antique wooden boats, talk to Stan Hunter. And now for SHAMELESS SELF PROMO, look at Boats for Sale on Muskoka News Watch. It’s amazing the amount of people who look at Boats for Sale there and it doesn’t cost much to post a boat for sale here. MNW loves boats!

    2) SECONDLY, something good for boat owners and boat professionals to think about. The other day I noticed a truck towing a boat had been pulled over in Port Carling and I was told some fines were laid as a result. I’ve spoken to a few marina people about this: it seems the OPP is really keeping a close eye on ownership, registration, trailer plates, etc. While not knocking their efforts, this extra scrutiny can be hard for marina operators or anyone working in the boat industry at this time of year as they are rushing to haul out boats. This Thanksgiving was so nice that some people asked boat pros to wait a bit before hauling out and winterizing their boats. So you can imagine they are picking up boats that may not even have the ownership in them. I recently bought a boat that was owned by the same family for 20 years and they couldn’t find the registration: I’ve applied and am waiting to get the right documents but had I been stopped while towing the boat away, I might have had an issue. I’m not sure of all those rules and plan to look into it more to make sure I have copies of all proper documentation in my boat (as well as my Operator’s Card). This boat/trailer scrutiny is something to be aware of for boat owners and people towing boats for others. I hope you can see how this issue might tie in to your original question. When the story first broke of a boat possibly set adrift, some readers wondered if it might have been stolen. Food for thought as we put away our boats and pull out the sleds 🙂

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