Campfire blamed for grass fire in Muskoka Lakes

Township of Muskoka Lakes fire department officials believe a grass fire this afternoon at Rosseau Lake Road 1 was caused by the remains of a campfire the night before.

About 20 firefighters from two fire stations responded to a grass fire at 1095 Rosseau Lake Road 1 today just after 2 pm. The fire was quickly contained and extinguished after burning approximately 1 acre of field.

Fire officials say cause of this fire was a result of a small campfire the night before that the owners truly believed Burnedarea2was extinguished. The Township of Muskoka Lakes Fire Department urges everyone to take the time to properly put out a campfire with water or bury all embers with dirt.

The area is beginning to dry up, and the surface grass has not fully greened up. Luckily now, the ground is still somewhat damp in locations but this can change very quickly. Once the ground dries, the result is deep rooted fires. When that happens, those grass fires/bush fires change from hours to the fact it can take days or weeks or even months to fully extinguish.

No daytime burning

In Muskoka Lakes, there is no daytime burning without a permit from April 1 to October 31 every year. Small camp fires must be kept under 1 meter in diameter and can only be lit 2 hours before sunset and must be extinguished fully be 2 hours after sunrise. The wind must be under 16 k/h and you can only burn environmentally acceptable products. When the fire gauge signs read “severe” there is absolutely no burning. Take the time to read these signs as they are posted at almost every major road coming into the Township of Muskoka Lakes and in the communities of Bala and Port Carling. The fire rating can also be viewed at the Township of Muskoka Lakes web site, by clicking the alert sign at the bottom of the title page and then scroll down to see the rating or you can simply call 1-877-847-1577.

Photo submitted by fire department shows burned out area

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