Breaking News: Tony Clement drops out of leadership race

Tony Clement, CPC

Tony Clement is out of the Conservative leadership race. In an email released today, Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement announced he will no longer seek the leadership of the Conservative Party. The reason he gives is that he has not met the milestones he set for himself and his campaign to ensure success.

“When I announced my intentions to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada in July, I set for myself a series of benchmarks that I believed were necessary to achieve, by the fall, to ensure I had a viable chance of success,” reads his announcement. “Unfortunately, we did not achieve those milestones to my satisfaction.”

The announcement continues:

“Upon review of my campaign, and the financial realities of this race, I have made the decision to end my campaign.
I entered this race because I felt I could offer our party the most experienced parliamentarian seeking the leadership.

I will now apply my experience and shift my efforts to contribute in any way possible to our Leader Rona Ambrose and the future leader of our party, whomever that may me.
We as Conservatives are blessed to have such a deep and diverse group of individuals seeking the leadership. I, like every member of our party, am excited to remain part of that process.

I would like to close by taking this opportunity to thank the many Canadians who have expressed support for my campaign and the many Conservative members and activists who have committed their time and effort to our goal.  Although the end came too early, I am proud of the principled, idea-based campaign we put forward.
Thank you.



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