Man gets 45 day prison sentence for driving with a suspended license

A 31-year-old Bracebridge man has been handed a 45-day sentence for driving while his licence was under suspension.

Bracebridge court has heard that on July 11th, 2015, the man was pulled over after turning on to Woodridge Street in Bracebridge after a patrolling OPP officer noticed he was driving a grey Ford pickup while his licence was under suspension for unpaid fines.

A search of the vehicle later turned up 12.26 grams of marijuana which was in a clear plastic baggy in a blue tote bag at the back of the truck. Court heard that pot was also found in a used cigarette container.

Judge JD Evans found the man guilty of driving while under suspension and possession of pot.

Defence lawyer Robin Bellows said her client had faced previous drug charges, but that he had completed a 4 and a half year methadone program and been sober for three years.

“It’s unfortunate that we see him before the court (now) for a more minor drug,” she said, adding that there were tryable issues which had not been pursued in the case in relation to who’s pot it actually was.

The man owns a local roofing and framing business for residential properties, has two employees & rarely drove either of the business’s two work vehicles, explained Bellows.

He showed remorse in court for what had happened.

“I’ve done a lot of growing up over the past 4-5 years,” he told Judge Evans. “There’s no excuse for what I’ve done – I knew I shouldn’t be driving.”

Evans ruled he must pay a $500 fine for the pot possession, plus a $150 victim find surcharge.

He received the jail time for the drive while under suspension, which he is to serve intermittently on weekends to allow him to keep working.

A further six month driving suspension looms for the man and a probation term is also in effect which stipulates no drinking or non prescribed drug taking during the sentence.

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