Councillors asked to consider moving Bracebridge library out of downtown

Bracebridge councillors are being asked to consider moving the town’s library out of the downtown to a potential new site on Salmon Avenue near Gagnon’s Independent Grocers.

In a report going before Bracebridge’s General Committee next week, several future options for the library are outlined.

Library options include two locations outside of downtown

One is to co-locate it with a possible future Arena/Recreation Complex planned for Salmon Avenue – others include expanding the library at its current site, relocating it somewhere else in the downtown or relocating it to outside the downtown at a facility leased by the Town.

The full report can be found here in next week’s General Committee agenda under the heading ‘Bracebridge Public Library site selection options.’

The map above identifies the potential sites up for discussion.

1 thought on “Councillors asked to consider moving Bracebridge library out of downtown”

  1. Decentralizing Bracebridge: Once again councillors in Bracebridge are being asked to consider removing services from the heart of town to fresh raw cost effective developable land away from the down town core. Smart Centres are neither smart nor centres, but then who wants big box retail in the middle of town anyway. Fire stations and government administration might be better located away from the down town core for logistic reasons perhaps, I’m not entirely sure, but the library is our commons, and it belongs near the heart of our town. Otherwise what’s to stop us from thinking the Memorial Park shouldn’t be moved to a bigger and better location? Who will use the old arena location, or the hospital if moved, or the old high school waiting for market conditions to come around, or the churches that opt to move out, or the old fire station? At least we have a great movie theatre, increasingly improving boutique retail, a more central health food market coming and some awesome pubs.

    The Library should consider every option to move sideways up or underground to stay in the centre of town before moving out.

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