Bracebridge free parking trial could start July 1st

Bracebridge could provide free on-street parking in all parking metered zones for a six month trial period starting July 1st.

The recommendation’s been made by a working group studying the various options.

Under the plan, $35,000 from the Town’s Snow Clearing Reserve fund would offset the loss of parking meter revenue during the trial. $5,000 would also be paid to the Town by the Bracebridge BIA reserve fund to further offset the loss of revenue, as would a further $16,000, plus the amount of any other deficit resulting from the trial, which would be taken from the Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve.

Bylaw would enforce maximum parking time limits in effect in the parking metered zones throughout the six months.

On top of this, a new parking enforcement officer would also have to be hired on a temporary basis to monitor and enforce the limits between September 1st and December 31st at an estimated cost of $6,500.

$2,000 of that would be covered via money previously allocated to the Parking Meter Working Group (PMWG) by Council – the remainder would be taken from the approved 2016 Parking Meter Capital Budget.

If the plan goes ahead, Bracebridge’s Chief By-Law Enforcement Officer Scott Stakiw would report back to the Town’s General Committee in early 2017 about the results and give recommendations for future options as they relate to on-street parking within the BIA.

Councillors are expected to debate the issue this week at General Committee.

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